Prominent Open University lecturer Dr. Syed Mustafa Ali holds toxic antisemitic views

Dr. Syed Mustafa Ali is a prominent lecturer and convenor of the Critical Information Studies (CIS) research group in the School of Computing and Communications at the Open University, Milton Keynes (UK). His transdisciplinary research focus is race, religion, politics, and computing. On social media, however, Dr. Ali‘s focus is on being a complete anti-Jewish racist.

It appears that Dr. Ali considers the use of deadly violent acts by Palestinians, including the targeting of civilians, legitimate. On the news that British-Israeli citizen Lucy Dee succumbed to wounds inflicted by terrorists who ambushed her car and murdered her two daughters Maia and Rina HY”D (may Hashem avenge their blood), Dr. Ali tweeted this abhorrent and highly antisemitic comment:

“Dead Zionist settler-colonialists. But they’re white females so we are supposed to grieve for them. #WhiteSupremacy #Zionism #SettlerColonialism”

A review of Dr. Ali’s Twitter account revealed vicious Nazi-grade slurs and antisemitic statements:

  • Referring to Jews, who are a primary target of the white supremacist movement, as white supremacist
  • Sharing Nazi analogies
  • Referring to Israel as a European colonial settler-state proxy of white supremacy, denying Jewish indigeneity to Israel, and opposing the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland

Dr. Ali also pushes the Israeli apartheid lie and supports the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Dr. Syed Mustafa Ali should be sacked over his vile antisemitic comments, please join us in calling on the Open University to dismiss him.

Update (31/07/2023)

Dr. Syed Mustafa Ali was reported for antisemitism in April of this year. The University acknowledged the complaint and said that the matter is being looked into.

Dr. Ali dismissed the complaints as a “smear” by “Zionist propaganda machine.” He has since continued to share highly antisemitic material that breach the IHRA definition of antisemitism, including tweeting a link to an antisemitic article equating White Supremacy and Zionism, denying Jews the right to self determination, and sharing an antisemitic cartoon by Latuff.

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