Abdelmalek Latreche

Background Information

Abdelmalek Latreche; X username @Abbi1619, is, according to his recently updated professional profile page, a Safety Critical Railway Trainer/Assessor at Tec Training.

Holocaust Denial

We discovered a disgusting post on Abdelmalek Latreche’s timeline referring to the genocide of European Jews during World War II as “their bogus #holocaust.”

Antisemitic Posts

The review of Abdelmalek Latreche’s posts on X also revealed many abhorrent and dangerous posts that violate the IHRA definition of antisemitism, including:

  • Holocaust inversion
  • Nazi comparisons
  • White supremacist “Zio” slur for Jews

Denial of 7th October Evil Atrocities

In this post, Abdelmalek denied the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the extremist terror organisation Hamas against innocent Jewish civilians on 7/10, and subsequently justified deadly violence against Jews.

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