Antisemitic Graffiti

Anna Laurini’s works are sold by Saatchi Art and feature on shirts sold by ASOS. Sadly Anna is also an antisemite, using the Pro Palestinian movement as a cloak for her antisemitism.

Let’s look closely at this photo of Anna’s Xmas Greetings to her Instagram fans. She is on a rooftop in front of the Twin Towers with the caption “Imagine a world without Israhell”. It is an unsubtle nod to the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Israel is responsible for 9/11.

In another post she shares an article from Palestine Voice about her work. Which she captions “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” A slogan invented by the PLO terrorist group. It is a call for Israel’s destruction and the expulsion of all Jews.

Here you can see Italian Anna Laurini using offensive Holocaust imagery to indicate her opposition to Italy’s COVID pass. It is particularly distasteful to us as descendants of Holocaust survivors and Holocaust victims.
Among Anna Laurini’s other offensive posts is one in which she compares Italy’s COVID restrictions to Nazi ideology. It seems that Anna is unconcerned with the feelings of the victims of the Nazis and is happy to exploit them for her own purposes.
These are just a few of Anna Laurini’s offensive posts; there are many more.
In recent months, Anna Laurini has attended sometimes violent and antisemitic Pro Palestinian marches. She captions one photo “Free Free Palestine Israhell is a Terrorist state”. Odd since she appears to have visited Israel at least once.
Antisemitic graffiti appeared across North London in 2019, in areas with large Jewish populations, including on a synagogue. Noticing a similarity in style & theme to Anna Laurini’s antisemitic output, we sent our evidence to Metropolitan Police and the Community Security Trust (CST).
Hard-left “anti-racists” held a vigil against the graffiti, convinced that it was the work of the far right. How would these “anti racists” react if they knew it was work of a Palestinian supporter? A large number of Jews were excluded from this vigil. Watch a short video showing Jews were ostracised at a vigil against antisemitism here.

In 2020, two people were arrested over graffiti in North London on suspicion of ‘racially motivated hate crime’. Our information indicates that this was Anna Laurini and her partner. Their ages definitely match. We ask The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Metropolitan Police whether anyone has been charged and if not, why not?

Even without the allegations of antisemitic graffiti, which no one will confirm or deny, no one should be giving Anna a platform to share her repulsive views.


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