Edward Torsney

Antisemitic Twitter troll unmasked as artist and web content creator Edward Torsney (update)

Edward Torsney is an artist, freelance film maker, and a web content creator who appears to mainly be working as a chef in a pub. When he isn’t working in the kitchen, Torsney, who is a diehard Jeremey Corbyn fan, is operating multiple “anonymous” Twitter accounts trolling, harassing, and dishing out vile racist abuse to Jewish people.

Torsney currently spews his vicious antisemitic bile under the usernames @LongTimeLefty, @LongTimeLefty_, and @jo_publik.

After Labour lost the 2019 general election and Jeremy Corbyn stood down as party leader, Torsney turned to blaming Jews for enabling a right-wing Tory government and for Britain’s alleged ills.

Edward Torsney, who is an obsessive hater of the Jewish State, also uses the Twitter platform to call for the destruction of Israel, deny Jewish Indigeneity to Israel, and peddle the apartheid and ethnic cleansing lie. He regularly promotes Holocaust inversion, make Nazi comparisons, and tweets antisemitic conspiracies to show his “support” for the “Palestinian cause”.

A review of Torsney’s main Twitter account’s followers shows that he is associated with hard- left “socialists” and a trade unionist key figure. He is being followed and endorsed by Trade Unionist Howard Beckett, National Secretary of The People’s Assembly and former Labour MP Laura Pidcock, “anti-racism trainer” and former Vice-Chair of Momentum Jackie Walker, Green Party Councillor Damien Willey, and other far-left figures.

In the run-up to the 2019 UK general election, Torsney, who was a member of Aldridge-Brownhills Constituency Labour Party in Walsall at the time, produced animated gifs and social media graphics in support of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. More recently, he supported Howard Beckett’s campaign to become Unite general secretary. Torsney has also done graphics work for Graham Bash and Jackie Walker’s RedLine Labour TV (previously known as Labour Briefing) and Tina Werkmann’s Why Marx group.

Edward Torsney also reproduced this despicable fake tweet which he attributed to us and made antisemitic Nazi analogies. As the grand/children of Holocaust survivors and victims, this is something we would never dream of saying.

It appears that he has a history of producing and sharing false defamatory content on Twitter. We will make sure that the police get involved.

None of Torsney’s followers on Twitter seem to have ever objected to his unhinged antisemitic malice. Actually, he is being tolerated and supported by the so-called “anti-racists” “socialists” instead. And now, like many other antisemitic ex-members of Labour, Torsney has been welcomed by the Green Party.

Update (25/08/2023): Edward Torsney continues targeting Jews with antisemitic abuse

Earlier this year in April, we exposed Edward Torsnei’s antisemitism. Following our exposé, Torsney removed his Adobe Portfolio page, and deleted his original LinkedIn account and created a new one instead. He also deleted two of his Twitter sockpuppet accounts, @jo_publik and @LongTimeLefty_.

As a means of getting back at us for exposing his antisemitism, Torsney, using a temporary handle of “PingFloydWall,” posted antisemitic conspiracies and defamatory material about our team, and allegedly reported us to “UK Counter Terrorism.”

Please report his false and abusive bio to Twitter.

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