The UK Labour Party was an anti-racist political party but then Jeremy Corbyn became leader with his garbled world view of Israel, and like many of his fans, he can’t differentiate from anti-Israel views and antisemitism.

Here is a list containing over 125 elected antisemitic UK Labour Party officials during Corbyn’s time as party leader that we put together:


ALAN BULL – a Holocaust denier who was protected by Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle because they thought he might stand a chance of winning a marginal seat.


ALAN MYERS – a UK Labour council candidate; he was suspended from the party for statingif you say anything against them they cry antisemitism and harp back to the holocaust to curry sympathy.” It is not known if he has he been expelled from Labour for this form of Holocaust revisionism.


AFZAL KHAN MP – a UK Labour MEP and now the MP for Manchester Gorton, compared “Israel to Nazis”. He called our Holocaust surviving family ‘Nazis’ because they fled to Israel the only country that would take them. He was also caught sharing antisemic conspiracy theories and links to far right Neo Nazi Websites. No disciplinary action was taken.


LORD NAZIR AHMED – an antisemitic conspiracy theorist, in a video interview he blamed a “Jewish Conspiracy” for his imprisonment for a fatal motorway crash. Ahmed eventually resigned from the UK Labour party but remains a Peer.


ALI MILANI – a Councillor and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who seems to think that “Jews are stingy”. This was apparently OK for the UK Labour party who let him off. He was being heavily promoted by the Labour leadership, as he was standing against Boris Johnson.


ALISON GOVE-HUMPRIES shared this post when she was a candidate for the UK Labour party in Birmingham, claiming that “Israel was linked to ISIS”. She was deselected, but, it is not known whether she has also been expelled.


CLLR ANDREW SLACK was let off by UK Labour after stating that “The modern state of Israel was created by the Rothschilds, not God, and what they are doing to the Palestinian people now is EXACTLY what they intend for the whole world.” with a caricature of a “hook-nosed Jew” his hands soaked in blood.


ANNE HASAN featured on the military wing of Hamas’ website. But, still UK Labour felt she was suitable to represent them as a Councillor. She said this about Jews “The final solution, Hitler’s bastard sons have come of age


CLLR AYFER ORHAN had the whip withdrawn after retweeting a message from the account ‘Partisan Girl’ claiming Israel backs Al Qaeda and ISIS. Orhan was suspended and quickly reinstated without an investigation when UK Labour thought no one was looking.


ADAM KRUPA from Leicestershire quit his candidacy after saying that Margaret Hodge should pack her bags, (presumably from the UK) for complaining about #LabourAntisemitism


ALEXANDRINA BRAITHWAITE was a council candidate in Brighton, she believes:

  • The media is controlled by Israel
  • Nazi Rothschild’s conspiracy theories
  • Calls Israel “IsrHell”
She is currently suspended by UK Labour.


AYSEGUL GURBUZ – a UK Labour Councillor in Luton praised Hitler as “the greatest man in history” and thinks “it’s disgusting how much power the Jews have in the US#LabourAntisemitism


ALEX NUNNS is Jeremy Corbyn‘s speechwriter, he posted on Facebook  accusing Israel of exploiting the Holocaust and provoking antisemitism. No action has been taken against him #LabourAntisemitism


BEINAZIR LASHARIE posted a video entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” commenting: “Many people know about who was behind 9/11 & also who is behind ISIS She got no penalty from UK Labour quite the opposite she was promoted to Deputy Mayor.


CLLR BEN LLOYD-SHOGBESAN was caught sharing antisemitism on SM, a positive post about late Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi and another implying “same-sex marriage was a perversion”. He was let of by the UK Labour party but eventually resigned from the party over a Facebook post comparing Israel to the  Nazis.


BILLY WELLS – was a UK Labour council candidate, he shared a post saying “Don’t give your soul energy to the parasitical Rothschild-Zion-Jesuit-Vati-lunatic nonce controllers…” He was given antisemitism training by the party and has since carried out a campaign of harassment against us.


CAROL WILCOX – a Peoples Momentum backed candidate for UK Labour shared a post suggesting that Zionists are not “real Jews” & compared Israel’s actions to those of Nazi Germany. It is unknown if Carol faced any penalty from Labour.


CAROLINE KOLEK – a  UK Labour Mayor and parliamentary candidate in Tiverton & Honiton. Kolek claimed that Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi was “buying oil from ISIS to sell to Israel”, and that “Israel was behind The Sun newspaper’s push for UK military action in Syria”.


CATHERINE HIGGINS Co Chair of Wythenshaw and Sale East CLP. She is one of the biggest conspiracy theorists we have ever seen. Harry’s Place profiled her when she stood for Galloway’s party. How she ever managed to enter UK Labour is anyone’s guess.


CHARLEY ALLEN who likes to call Jews “Zio” was a candidate in Crouch End (and lost a safe Labour seat). Despite being reported to UK Labour numerous times, once for defending Hamas, they have done nothing.


CLLR CHERYL RAYNOR, from Wyre in Lancashire, was let off charges of antisemitism by UK Labour after sharing this cartoon by a Holocaust Denier on Facebook and a lot of other racist comments.


Lovejoy actor and UK Labour council candidate CHRIS JURY promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories, suggesting the Israeli Embassy was helping the “right-wing” of the party to attack the Labour leadership #LabourAntisemitism


MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON will travel the length of the country to support antisemites. Williamson described antisemitism within UK Labour as “proxy wars and bulls***” and suggested that the UK Labour party had been too apologetic for antisemitism.


COLIN O’DRISCOLL Co-Chair of Labour International


DAMIEN ENTICOTT – a councillor from Bognor, used this picture to illustrate his belief that “Hitler had a point” and  Zionists (read Jews) should be “put in concentration camps”. Which party did he represent?


DANI PASSMORE – a UK Labour council candidate in Devon, shared an antisemitic conspiracy theory around the supposed Rothschild financing of the Nazis, he also claimed Israel “destroyed Palestine” and then “were behind 9/11 and the resulting wars”.


DAVID ARIS SUTTON – a council candidate in Derbyshire, was suspended from UK Labour after we passed these repulsive tweets to The Times and The Sunday Time.


In a tweet responding to concerns raised by Wes Streeting about voters being put off UK Labour by claims of antisemitism, DAVID SHEARD, deputy leader of Kirklees Council, retorted: “Jewish organisations run a concerted campaign against Jeremy Corbyn“.


DAVID WANGUSI MASINDA, South East regional board of UK Labour, likes to racially profile Jews and is ever so obsessive about the Rothschilds. Has he been expelled? Who knows. #LabourAntisemitism


DEBORAH GIHAWI (GOULDING) is one of the WORST cases of #LabourAntisemitism we have ever come across, she was a Councillor in Norfolk and she’s a Holocaust denier. Like many Jeremy Corbyn fans, she pretends to be Jewish to excuse her antisemitism.


DENNIS WILSON used to be on the Executive Council of Unite the Union. He’s apparently close to the leadership of Unite He’s also member of UK Labour. Wilson is an antisemitic conspiracy theorist, using Palestine as cover for his racism.


DENISE ADDISONUK Labour candidate for Longbeck, shared the same antisemitic mural that Jeremy Corbyn supported, in the full knowledge that it was antisemitic. It would seem that she didn’t care that it was racist. Has she been expelled?


DIANA DAVEY – a UK Labour candidate in Devon:

  • Thinks that the U.K. is almost completed infected by Zionist Rothschilds Propaganda
  • Uses repulsive memes, reworked from actual Nazi Propaganda
  • Believes that the Rothschilds and the Illuminati are controlling Brexit
  • Says Israelis are Nazis


Dilys Hadley – another UK Labour candidate from Devon:

  • Believes that Israel is covertly fueling claims of antisemitism
  • Thinks that good “Jews” are anti-Zionists
  • Shares Neo-Nazi Website Rense [.] com to racially profile Jews


COUNCILLOR DIPU AHAD voted against permission for a new Marks & Spencer (M&S) because M&S is “Zionists who kill Palestinians”. Dipu is unpleasant, he apparently hounded out the Jewish members of the Holocaust Memorial Day org. No action was taken by UK Labour.

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