Holocaust denier Alex Zephirin Stanford

Attorney at law Alex Stanford caught promoting Holocaust denial and far-right antisemitic conspiracies

Alex Zephirin Stanford is a licensed Injury and Family Law attorney, and the owner of a small law firm in Louisiana.

On social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Stanford, who is currently using the fictitious name “Hyde Von Zarovich” (username @TheSpergScholar), shares far-right antisemitic conspiracies. He also posts vile Holocaust denial messages.

We performed a detailed analysis of this X account, and collected data that could be used as pivot points for our investigation. Using various open-source intelligent (OSINT) research techniques, we forensically linked attorney Alex Zephirin Stanford to the TheSpergScholar X account.

We uncovered multiple posts (tweets) by Stanford pushing classic antisemitic myths, including ones of alleged Jewish “control” of the world or in Stanford’s words “a global rabbinic dictatorship.” In other posts, Stanford deliberately makes false claims that “the Jews” conspire against whites, gentiles, and Western civilization.

Many of Alex Stanford’s posts break the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism by making totally false, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotyping claims about Jews, including promoting the dangerous myth of a global Jewish conspiracy or Jews having control over the media, economy, governments, and by denying the Holocaust.

Alex Stanford’s statements about Jews are patently untrue, inflammatory, and inciting against a minority group. Also, his posts likely go against the guidelines on social media use by the Louisiana State Bar Association of which he is a member. In any case, Stanford brings his profession into disrepute. Please report him for antisemitism to the relevant Disciplinary Counsel‘s office here.

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