Larsa Al-Omaishi

Australian Doctor Larsa Al-Omaishi supports terrorism (update)

Due to her outrageous antisemitic statements on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), we decided to investigate Flying Lady Doctor‘s identity. Her name is Larsa Al-Omaishi and she is in fact an Australian doctor.

Let’s look at her rather shocking antisemitic claims:

A bunch of white settlers from around the world descended on a land they had no claim to and they have been systematically murdering, oppressing and dispossessing the owners of that land for 70 years.”

Most Israeli Jews are not white and come from North Africa and the Middle East, which makes this statement absolutely inflammatory and untrue. A large number of African Jews live in Israel, and they are not white in any sense of the word. The Jewish people have been in the land of Israel for over 3,500 years, as evidenced by a significant amount of archeological artifacts, including the silver scrolls and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The denial of this history and portraying Jews as white or as some kind of invader is in violation of the IHRA definition of antisemitism and is discriminatory and violates Jews’ rights of self-determination.

Al-Omaishi is also denying the beheading of babies actually took place at the hands of Hamas terrorists. This is highly antisemitic, according to the IHRA definition:

Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.”  

Larsa Al-Omaishi is a doctor and has taken a vow to preserve life, why is she excusing the barbaric murder of babies, when it has been proven without a doubt to be true?

She also compares Israel to Nazis. Again this is antisemitic as per the IHRA definition. More than that, it is a lazy comparison. Most Jews lost family in the Shoah (Holocaust) and it is extremely offensive to be compared to those that wiped out 6 million Jewish lives including 2 million children.

Larsa Al-Omaishi consistently promotes fake and inflammatory remarks about Israel on X. She is supportive of a terrorist organization that beheads babies, and murders, rapes and burns to death innocent civilians. There is no way she should be allowed to practice as a doctor and we urge you to complain to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Update (30/12/2023)

The X account of Dr. Larsa Al-Omaishi @LadyDoctorSays has been deactivated. We hope that the reason for this is that the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is looking into her conduct.

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