BBC Radio presenter Nasima Begum wishes death on “Zionist scum”

A regular BBC Radio Manchester presenter and a performance poet Nasima Begum, is an arts council-supported charity advocate a trustee and a full time youth worker.

She is also an antisemite who wishes death on Zionist Jews.

Nasima believes “Jews are like Nazis,” which is one of the most terrible antisemitic tropes, and is intentionally meant to hurt since most Jews had family murdered by the Nazis.

There is no way that Nasima should be anywhere near children or in any position of responsibility, she is a violent antisemite who is a clear danger to Jews.

Nasima is a regular BBC presenter.

Nasima is currently working as a Young People’s Officer at the Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation, Ananna.

She is also Editor / Assistant Producer / Facilitator and a Trustee of Young Identity (Wordsmith Awards, charity number: 1181088).

Additionally she is an advocate for Contact. Contact is a trading name of Manchester Young People’s Theatre Ltd.

A complaint will be sent to her current employers and to the Charity Commission.

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