British Council Arts provides financial support to hardcore antisemitic vandals

Earlier this year in March, Amnesty International UK @AmnestyUKs Kristyan Benedict @KreaseChan teamed up with Hawiyya Dance Company and PalArt Collective @PalArtCol to promote the false notion that Israel is an apartheid state.

Benedict is a known antisemitic agitator who routinely shares incendiary posts online. We researched the two other groups, we discovered antisemitism and a propensity for violence. It turns out that the British Council Arts @BritishArts gives funding to Hawiyya.

Shahd Abusalama is co-founder of Hawiyya Dance Company. Her Holocaust inversion, terror glorification, and antisemitic posts on social media is abhorrent to us all. Also, Shahd appears to be a member of the violent antisemitic Palestine Action group. We wrote about her extensively here.

Shahd Abusalama in Palestine Action launch video

Another Hawiyya co-founder is Jamila Boughelaf. Jamila works for the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) @EducEndowFoundn and she too promotes Holocaust inversion and vile antisemitism on social media.

Jamila and other Hawiyya members also support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Much to our surprise, Hawiyya is being supported by the British Council Arts @BritishArts. Amos Trust @AmosTrust (Charity number: 1164234) appears to be a sponsor as well.

The other group, PalArt Collective, was founded by Ahmed Masoud. Here is a sample of Masoud’s antisemitic output.

Amos Trust appears to also support this revolting individual and his PalArt initiative.

We continue to work to hold antisemites accountable for their actions, if you like what we do please consider donating to help us do more.

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