False accusations of Israeli ‘Organ Harvesting’

In 2000, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, previously at the helm of Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Israel, disclosed in an interview that during the 1990s, organs were taken from the bodies of deceased Israeli soldiers, citizens, Palestinians, and foreign workers without the consent of their families during autopsies. This revelation led to a wave of allegations against Israel, particularly focusing on the supposed targeting of Palestinians for organ harvesting. These claims have necessitated retractions and corrections from reputable outlets after thorough investigations disproved them.

Notably, Time magazine withdrew a story alleging that Israeli soldiers were involved in the harvesting and selling of Palestinian organs.

It’s crucial to understand the complexities surrounding organ donation and transplantation. For organs to be viable for transplant, they must be procured within a strict timeframe—typically under 60 minutes post-mortem, and this process must occur under medical supervision in sterile conditions. Despite these facts, baseless accusations continue to circulate on social media.

Such unfounded allegations not only lack evidence but also pose a significant threat to peace efforts, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and misinformation. The spread of these libels, including claims of Israel engaging in the plundering and trafficking of Palestinian organs, is both destructive and unfounded.

For further information and context, references include:

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