Disgraced antisemitic Barrister used as credible source by Al Jazeera

Damian McCarthy has recently featured on Al Jazeera’s Documentary Labour Files, to ostensibly to deny that the antisemitism experienced by Jews in the UK Labour party was exaggerated.

As you can see, Damian does not have a stellar reputation for telling the truth. Damian is a former barrister who was disbarred for fabricating client letters.

We collected compelling evidence that McCarthy was running an “anonymous” Twitter account during the #LabourAntismitism crisis, @1swordoftruth. Quite possibly because it regularly posted antisemitic material, it was suspended by Twitter.

Before this account was suspended, it had been forensically linked to Damian McCarthy and screenshots of his antisemitism were taken.

Here is McCarthy stating that Jews are “gassing people in Gaza”  There is no need to say why this is so offensive and untrue.

McCarthy regularly trolled Jewish religious leaders, this post is a complete fabrication and highly insulting to many British Jews who regard the Chief Rabbi as our spiritual leader.

The comments that he made on the death of the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Z”L Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, were absolutely abhorrent and disgusting.

A further target of McCarthy’s are the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who were vocal in their opposition to the antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.  It is ridiculous and offensive to say that the Jewish organisation that represents the vast majority of British Jews encourages antisemitism.

In addition McCarthy has also had his sights set on the Jewish blogger David Collier who works tirelessly to expose all forms of antisemitism.  A claim that he works with Nazis to target Jews is not only a lie, but also highly defamatory.

In this tweet, McCarthy repeats the antisemitic lie that Ken Livingstone spread, which was originally coined by Lenny Brenner, a man with addiction issues and with virulently antisemitic views.

Here you can see McCarthy (now in his own name) commenting on well known antisemite Mel Melvin’s post.

In reality, Israel does nothing to encourage antisemitism as McCarthy states, and the Israeli government were appalled by the UK Labour Party’s well documented issues of antisemitism, which eventually led to the Labour Party being given a notice of illegal act for discrimination against Jews.

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