Solicitor Cemil Gursel

Dishonest antisemitic solicitor

Cemil Gursel is an SRA-regulated solicitor. He was admitted on 15 April 2003 and his latest annual practising certificate was issued in November 2022. On his professional profile page on LinkedIn, Gurscel says he is a self-employed “Consultant Solicitor” with Global Legal and Business Consultants (“Global LBC”) in London. The company’s website says that Global LBC. LTD. Is registered in England.

Source: Gursel’s LinkedIn page – last updated January 2022

On Twitter, Gursel clearly identifies and tweets as a London solicitor.

Source: Twitter. Antisemitic post – holding  a Jew responsible for actions of the state of Israel

On his public profile, solicitor Gursel shares his abhorrent views on Jews; he posted numerous ahistorical, inflammatory, hateful and extremely unpleasant tweets that breach the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, including:

  • Portraying Jews as modern-day Nazis
  • Abusing the memory of the Holocaust
  • Promoting the idea that Jews have no connection to the land of Israel
  • Claiming that today’s Israeli Jews are not the real Jews

Gursel also made spurious allegation about Zionist Jews murdering women and children. This is a contemporary antisemitic blood libel.

We located Global LBC Limited registration details on the Companies House website. It appears that this company was dissolved on 16 July 2019. Ms. Venera Galimuna is listed as the only director and person with significant control. We discovered evidence suggesting that Ms. Galimuna is related to Gursel. On her Facebook “About” page, she says she is the “Office Manager” at Global LBC since 06 July 2020.

In March 2019, Global LBC was caught falsely advertising disbarred barrister as QC.

We submitted a complaint about Cemil Gursel’s conduct to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”). We also raised concerns about his anti-Jewish racism with the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators London Branch where he appears to also be a member.

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