Dr. Majid Hashemi

Dr. Majid Hashemi

Senior Bariatric Surgeon | St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

Background information

Majid Hashemi is a London-based Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and a Consultant and Senior Bariatric Surgeon at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital (HJE). Furthermore, Dr. Hashemi is a trustee at Achalasia Action, and is on the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register (reference no. 3297377).

On his X account, Majid Hashemi shares fake, highly antisemitic, and inflammatory messages about Israel and the Jewish people, including posts from far right white supremacist former leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin:

  • Denial of Hamas’ October 7 atrocities
  • Comparisons between Israel’s actions in Gaza and the Holocaust
  • Contemporary blood-libel and antisemitic tropes

Dr. Majid Hashemi should not be allowed to practice as a doctor. We urge you to complain about his conduct online to UCLH and HJE, and also to report him to the GMC, and Achalasia Action.

Denying October 7 atrocities

Holocaust inversion & Nazi comparisons

Promoting antisemitism


Dr. Hashemi promotes a contemporary, factless, antisemitic blood-libel implying that Israel deliberately targets Palestinian children:

  • The meme is a reference to Chris Hedges’s incendiary, malicious, and highly questionable account of a June 17, 2001 incident in Khan Younis, Gaza, where one person was killed.
  • The video embedded in the post about air-dropped aid is an edited video mashup combining multiple sources with no relation with each other.

Update 05/03/2024

The X account @1010surgery has been deactivated shortly after we made our exposé public.

UCLH confirmed to us that Dr. Majid Hashemi does not work for the hospital. His name has been removed from UCLH’s webpage. An archived copy is here.

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