Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi

Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi

Family Doctor | Clinical Associate Professor | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Background information

Mukarram Ali Zaidi is a Family Doctor at Signature Medical Centre and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. Furthermore, Dr. Zaidi is a member of the Canadian Medical Association (Alberta and Ontario). His Physician registration number is 021993.

On social media, Dr. Zaidi posts appalling Nazi comparisons that misuse and abuse the memory of the Holocaust. In addition, he shares fake news and profoundly antisemitic messages that deny Jews’ connection to Israel and seek to demonise and delegitimise the Jewish state.

We urge you to report Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi to the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, and also to complain about his conduct online to the Medical Council of Canada.

Extreme Antisemitism & Incitement to Hatred


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