NHS consultant and supporter of terrorism, Dr Nizar Ali Mhani is an antisemitic troll (update)

Dr. Nizar Ali Mhani Is a National Health Service (NHS) Consultant Orthodontist and the owner of Nam Care, a Dental practice company in Cardiff. Dr. Mhani is on the General Dental Council Register, registration number: 155142. He is also a honorary clinical lecturer at the School of Dentistry, Cardiff University.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mhani is also an antisemitic Internet troll, who spends a lot of time on X attacking Jews and our supporters.

He makes Nazi comparisons and inverts the Holocaust, which is antisemitic as per the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

We have said this in previous blogs. It is easy to refute this false and immoral accusation, which is intended to bring back painful memories for Jews. In addition to its military expansionism, Nazism was characterized by racism and bigotry, which resulted in the coldblooded murder of eleven million non-combatants, including six million Jews. However, Israel does not engage in any racist or genocide activities.

Additionally, Dr. Mhani’s misinterpretation of the word antisemitism is an attempt to absolve Arabic people of antisemitism. Friedrich Wilhelm Adolph Marr coined the term antisemitism, which was popularized by the Nazis as it made the phrase “juden hass” sound scientific. In an effort to absolve themselves of their racism, antisemites like Dr. Mhani seek to undermine the meaning of the word.

As an attempt to cast doubt on Hamas’ culpability, Dr. Mhani trolls Israeli posts regarding women murdered by Hamas with disinformation and fake news.

He is neither a trauma doctor nor does he possess the full information to diagnose a patient online. However, he trolls a post about a girl who was kidnapped by Hamas to downplay their crimes and blame Israel.

Additionally, he compares Hamas’ rape, murder, beheading, and burning alive of innocent civilians to the Jewish rebellion against the Nazis.

Dr. Mhani appears to be denying Jews their right to their own country because they are “European”. Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel, and there has been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for 3,500 years. Besides, the majority of Jews in Israel today were expelled or are descendants of those people from North African or middle eastern countries.

Does Dr. Mhani deny Pakistanis the right to their own country (formed at about the same time as Israel) because they are not from the correct place in India? Of course not that would be racism.

Jews paid Arabs handsomely for their lands, they weren’t welcomed with open arms, and many Arabs engaged in violence against them. Also, under International Law, Palestinian refugees do not have a right to return to Israel.

It is not acceptable for a doctor to distort history like this to support a genocidal terrorist group.

We urge our supporters to complain about Dr. Mhani’s conduct and support of Hamas to NHS Wales, and to report him to the General Dental Council. Cardiff University should be notified about his disgraceful behavior as well.

Update (30/12/2023)

Dr. Nizar Ali Mhani has been reported to the Police and to the General Dental Council (GDC).

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