DORIAN BARTLEY – a Diversity Officer with UK Labour Gipsy Hill branch in south London shared antisemitism including a graphic post comparing Israel to the Nazis on his Facebook profile page and no one from the Labour Party objected?


ELAINE LIGHTFOOT –  UK Labour council candidate for Okehampton North West Devon and CLP Women’s Officer shared a post online that compared Jewish MP Margaret Hodge to Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister.


ELEANOR TRISTRAM – a candidate for Stafford Borough Council, shared a claim on Facebook that the Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth was funded by the ‘Israel lobby’ and also described the Labour antisemitism crisis as a ‘smear’ organised by “pro-Israel Labour MPs”.


FRANCES NAGGS was selected as a UK Labour  candidate in Staffordshire Moorlands. Frances said Jewish protest against antisemitism was work of ‘powerful special interest group’.


GEORGE MCMANUS – who served on the UK Labour  National Policy Forum wrote on Facebook: “Apparently Electoral Commission states that Watson received £50,000+ from Jewish donors. At least Judas only got 30 pieces of silver.”

He was let off by Labour.


HARRY VIRCO – a candidate for Fylde council in Lancashire, wrote on Twitter: “Has Israel & the Jewish people learned nothing from their persecution under Hitler? Yes they have! They now know how to persecute other people & especially children.”


HELEN VALESKA aka “Nelly Jane Lotus” – the Women’s officer of South West Wiltshire Constituency Labour Party. She’s fond of sharing David Icke’s conspiracy theories & even attending his events. She also believes that Jews have no right to live in Israel. She shares these views widely on FB no one from Labour appear to have objected.


CLLR ILYAS AZIZ urged Jews to “stop drinking Gaza’s blood,”. He has also compared the actions of Israelis towards the Palestinians to the actions of Nazis & said Jews in the Middle East could move to the U.S. No action was taken by the K Labour Party.


Former Mayor of Shrewsbury CLLR IOAN GRUFFYDD JONES  shared linked far-right white supremacist antisemitic propaganda Website on Facebook, among other unpleasant posts.


CLLR IRFAN MOHAMMED shared a post claiming Jews were warned to stay home on 9/11. He posted a video on Facebook claiming that Jews “received a text message before the incident “Do not come to work on Sep 11 & there are Israeli ties to the Sep 11 attacks”


IRFAN JAVED – a UK Labour candidate in Woodfield in Stevenage. He ranted on Facebook about “Jew propaganda” and commented: “I am just suspicious. This is what Jewish dominated western media usually does.” He also compared Zionism to Nazism.


JACKIE WALKER – Ex Vice-Chair of Peoples Momentum, was expelled from the Labour Party, but not after Jennie Formby, the General Secretary of the Labour Party at the time, tried to save her. Walker carries on her harassment and stalking of Jews on her @Jackiew80333500 Twitter account.


JACK CRITCHLOW, Chair of Torbay CLP, and a UK Labour candidate, said when suspended for antisemitism “I am the victim of Labour’s over-sensitive reaction to a situation that has needlessly got out of hand and of no relevance to the council election campaign.”


CLLR JADE DOSWELL, a UK Labour councillor  who represents Fallowfield in Manchester said that she was a “little bit sick in my mouth” at the sight of an Israeli flag. No action was taken by Labour.


JANIE LEE – a council candidate in Grantham, shares actual NEO NAZI memes.


JEAN THRITTLE – a candidate for North Norfolk District Council, shared a post which showed Israeli and Nazi flags side by side. Amazingly, Ray Mooney, the Chair of North Norfolk Labour Party saw nothing wrong with this and said she was “entitled to her views”


JAHANGIR AKHTAR – the ex-Deputy Mayor of Rotherham shared this antisemitic image on his Facebook page.


JEFF DAVIS – a UK Labour  candidate in the Wirral, a “good trade unionist”, and antisemite: Jeff shared posts stating:- “Just listen to this conniving deceitful pair posing as a couple of poor persecuted Jews”

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