Exposed: Official New British Union account tweets antisemitic conspiracies, denies the Holocaust

Far-right white nationalist Marc Litchfield litters social media with anti-Jewish messages and support for Hitler

We examined the New British Union (NBU) Devon Twitter account and discovered tweets containing the white supremacist hate symbols; the numeric symbol 88 which stands for “Heil Hitler”, the numeric symbol 14 which is a reference for the “14 Words” slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, and WPWW an acronym that stands for “White Pride World Wide.”

In addition, we found tweets that include Holocast denial, idolisation of Hitler, and promote anisemitic conspiracies and hatred of Jews.

We also located a tweet promoting a far-right white nationalist great replacement antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Obviously, the meme is fake, there isn’t an article titled “Having White Children Is Perpetuating White Supremacy” and so is the altered artwork. It is designed to incite hatred of Jews.

We identified and located the individual who runs the NBU Devon Twitter account; Marc Litchfield of ilfracombe. It appears that Litchfield is known to North and West Devon / Ilfracombe and Braunton Police. Marc will be reported for hate speech to the relevant authorities, we hope our readers do the same.

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