Exposed: Solihull dentist posting antisemitism on Quora

Dr Jonathan Shaun Lee is a dentist, author and a nutritionist. We discovered two user profiles on Quora that appear to be maintained by him. Dr Lee shares his offensive and highly antisemitic views on his Quora page timelines.

He believes that “Zionists” lied about The Watergate affair, murder of JFK, 9/11, WMD and Covid19. AND that Hitler did not want war, apparently it was Churchill, supported by Zionists!

Over 10K people read this antisemitism on Quora.

Dr Jonathan Shaun Lee also seems ro thinks us Jews should not talk about the Holocaust anymore and he is being labelled “anti-semitic” for even mentioning Palestinians. It hasn’t crossed his mind he is an utter racist.

Dr Jonathan Shaun Lee has been reported to General Dental Council for his gross antisemitism and COVID 19 conspiracy theories. We hope that no Jews use his services as a Dentist or a Nutritionist.

FYI if you wish to avoid his Dental Practice he works at Solihull Dental Centre and here is Dr Lee’s Amazon UK page where he shares his knowledge on nutrition.