Farha Film Blood Libel

Farha: a film claimed to be “inspired by true events” is actually based on fiction, and contains antisemitic blood libel

The film director and producers have all shared or made highly controversial posts, and in some cases, antisemitic social media posts

Farha, a film that perpetuates false information about events of 1948, portrays a brutal scene of “sadistic, bloodthirsty and cruel” Israeli soldiers killing a Palestinian Arab refugee family and leaving their newborn baby to die, has shamelessly been chosen to represent Jordan at the 95th Academy Awards in the International Feature Film category. As well as Netflix also streaming this antisemitic and highly controversial film.

This film, intentionally or not, draws comparisons to Anne Frank and Nazi Germany. Specifically, the scene in which Israeli soldiers murder Palestinian Arabs without provocation and for no reason is an egregious example of antisemitic blood libel intended to demonize Israeli Jews and incite hatred against them.

Fredrik Sahlin, a Swedish film critic and cultural journalist, said that “Farha becomes an Arab Anne Frank, where the threat comes from Jewish soldiers instead of Nazis.” This is, of course, not only an abhorrent statement; it is also highly antisemitic.

Neither oral nor visual records exist to verify that what is shown in this scene ever took place. The appalling hatred towards the Jewish state by Farha director Darin J Sallam and the film producers Deema Azar and Ayah Jardaneh is clear to anyone.  A review of their social media output revealed vile anti-Jewish posts. In an article on the anger over Netflix’s decision to stream the Farha film these are mentioned.

Thanks to David Rose for bringing this to the attention of the Jewish Chronicle readers.

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