Film Director Rob Marni tweets neo-Nazi white supremacist’s antisemitic rhetoric

Rob Marni is a professional actor and film director who directed and starred in “Velvet Thompson”.

Although we haven’t heard of Marni before, he is gaining notoriety as an antisemite on social media.

In a series of tweets, Marni weaponised the multiple expulsions that the Jews suffered throughout history to justify his hatred. He falsely suggested that a pattern of harmful and malicious behaviour is the fundamental reason for the banishments from various countries. This antisemitic trope is popular in neo-Nazi white supremacist circles.

In other tweets, he blames Jews worldwide for the actions of the state of Israel, which, of course, is highly antisemitic according to the consensus International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition. He also makes mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, and stereotypical allegations about Jews. All of this is done in order to support his view that Israel should not exist.

Marni, it seems, doesn’t object to the existence of any other country on the entire planet but Israel. He is not opposed to Pakistan nor India, both of whom were formed at the same time, and both of whom have suffered great losses of life, and who are currently engaged in a violent dispute over Kashmir.

Marni tweeted “The only terrorists are the Jewish occupiers,” and hideously used a quote, which is misattributed to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, supposedly to give credence to his antisemitic arguments and his warped view on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Marni also seemingly drew parallels between the alleged sufferings of the Palestinians and the horrors of the Holocaust. Nazi comparisons are lazy, and always antisemitic.

Marni also promotes the hashtag #israelichildkillers, a contemporary, factless, antisemitic blood-libel that has its roots firmly planted in medieval antisemitism, when it was insanely suggested that Jews make Matza out of Gentile children’s blood. Moreover, he implies that Israel deliberately targets Palestinian children, an allegation that is founded on a centuries old blood libel that has become a basis for antisemitic attacks.

The meme is a reference to Chris Hedges’s incendiary, malicious, and highly questionable account of a June 17, 2001 incident in Khan Younis, Gaza, where one person was killed.

In addition to that, we found the usual “all-powerful” Israeli supporters / Zionists / Jews antisemitic conspiracies on the timeline of his Twitter account.

Rob Marni is the embodiment of the “anti-Zionist” New Antisemitism that has become so prevalent in the world today. Here is a video presentation of the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on “The Mutation of Antisemitism”.

Update (24/07/2023): Film Director Rob Marni tweets antisemitic abuse

Earlier this month, we exposed Film Director Rob Marni’s antisemitism. Since then, Marni asserted that he was in no way antisemitic, and to prove that, he trolled us on a number of occasions on Twitter, denying our Jewish identity and posting defamatory material about people whom he stupidly assumed were behind GnasherJew.

This is the topsy-turvy world we live in, non Jewish antisemites like Rob Marni decide who is a Jew based on our subservience to their political views.

Marni also tweeted this highly racist response at a Jew referring to them as “Kapos.”

As a means of getting back at us for exposing his antisemitism, Marni tweeted what we believed to be defamatory tweets and images about several Jews. As a result, he was forced to apologise or face consequences for his actions.

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