Former UK government official and EU prosecutor, barrister Maria Bamieh, caught sharing antisemitic Neo-Nazi propaganda

Maria Bamieh is a London-based barrister. In her previous position, she was a Prosecutor and Head of Financial Crime at the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), a UK Foreign Office job.

According to the Bar Standards Board (BSB) guidance on social media use, Barristers are expected to always be honest, objective, and unprejudiced to maintain trust and confidence in the legal system. Following an investigation of Maria Bamieh’s social media accounts, our research team discovered that many of her posts on Facebook are highly antisemitic and discriminatory. She has shared posts by David Duke the Former Grand Wizard of the KKK in order to promote her obvious hatred of Jews. Her online behaviour likely violates the BSB rules of conduct.


Maria Bamieh is spreading profoundly offensive messages portraying Israeli Jews as satanic driven by a blood lust, and comparing Israel’s actions to those of the Nazis.

The allegations that Israel commits genocide against Palestinians is part of a narrative attempting to cast Israel in a uniquely negative light on the international stage. Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza does not equate to the annihilation of a people.

The following shows Maria Bamieh often shares unsubstantiated allegations and fake news to fuel her hatred of Jews:

  • The meme is a reference to Christopher Hedges’s incendiary and highly questionable account of a June 17, 2001 incident where one person was killed.
  • The alleged use of Nerve Gas in Gaza is factless.


In the below screenshot Maria Bamieh is attempting to deny Hamas’ October 7 massacre.

Like the Nazis before her Maria Bamieh is racially profiling Jews, but this time in her topsy-turvy mind to deny Jews are an ethnoreligious group. It is highly offensive for a non Jew to attempt to racially profile Jews in this way.

In another post, Maria shares widely debunked and fake claims by a Neo Nazi website that Jews are Finnish! And are intermingling with the white population in order to make ourselves less conspicuous.


In these posts she appears to be advocating for the destruction of Israel.


In the following posts she shares well known antisemitic conspiracy theories by Neo Nazis, such as:

  • Veterans Today
  • David Duke
  • Smoloko
  • Unz

Maria Bamieh seems to be obsessed with Israel and Jews, spreading well known and debunked conspiracy theories like Israel was responsible for 9/11 across social media. Like many left leaning Pro Palestinian supporters she is comfortable with Nazi level eugenics and spreading white supremacist propaganda.

Maria Bamieh’s online behaviour is disgraceful and we believe contravenes the rules of professional conduct for a barrister. Please report her here.

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