Global Relief Trust, a multimillion-pound charity, collaborates with Hamas and their head of development, Atiqur Rahman, openly supports terrorism

Global Relief Trust (GRT) is a large UK-based charity active in many countries and territories, including Bangladesh, Yemen, Burundi, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Gaza. For the financial year ending 31 December 2021, the following data is available:

  • Total income of £6,924,672
  • 15 Employees, 4 Trustees, 30 Volunteers

An important note is that GRT has a significant presence in Gaza. They are currently transporting ambulances and fire engines there. Which should be of concern considering they are openly collaborating with Hamas.

These images below feature Ahmed Yusuf Alloh (أحمد يوسف اللوح). Yusuf appears to double as GRT’s Gaza manager as well as Head  of Operations and Emergency at Hamas’ Military Medical Services (MMS)!

In this image we see Ahmed Yusuf Alloh distributing cash from GRT to Hamas Military Medical Services staff. Remember he’s a Hamas Lieutenant Colonel as well as a representative of GRT. Who do you think is going to get the ambulances? It’s not the Red Cross.

This video features Yusuf of “team GRT on the ground” with the ambulance they have, a MMS one.

Atiqur Rahman

Atiqur Rahman is the Head of Development (and a former trustee) at GRT.

On the 7th of October, he gleefully posted on Facebook that “Fighters from Gaza have entered Israel“. He even appears to have information of their “end game” which is to “prison swap“. It is difficult to understand how a charity worker in Birmingham, UK, can have personal knowledge of Hamas’ “end game”? Unless he is getting information from GRT’s Hamas affiliated employees.

He also happily shared this photo of Israelis detained by Hamas terrorists, and referred to proper Israel as “occupied Palestine lands“.

In addition, Atiqur went to great lengths to defend terrorists who beheaded, raped, burned alive, tortured, mutilated and murdered innocent civilians.

Moreover, he promotes false information, such as the claim that Israel created Hamas, and parrots the usual buzz words that anti-Israel propagandists usually use to incite against the only Jewish state. Israel does not commit genocide and/or ethnic cleansing in Gaza nor does she violate international rules of war (the Geneva Conventions). It’s Hamas terrorists who, on October 7th, carried out the most heinous evil massacre of Jews.

Atiqur also denies that Jews are connected to the land of Israel. Trying to demonize European Jews as foreigners. It is one of the most disgraceful forms of antisemitism to deny Jews their right to associate with their homeland. Could you imagine if he said this about Aboriginal Australians or native Americans? It is also factually wrong, over 60% of Israel’s population is made up of North African/Middle Eastern Jews and their descendants who were forced out of their homes in Arabic countries.

Then there are these two posts on Facebook where he invokes the age-old antisemitic trope that Jews control governments. Hitler, motivated by the “protocols of the elders of Zion”, (antisemitic hoax writings) committed mass murder of 6 million Jews based on this antisemitic trope.

In our opinion, Atiqur is ineligible for a position at any charity, and GRT should have their charitable status removed. They should be investigated by the Israeli and British security services for their support for terrorism.

Our information about Atiqur and Ahmed Yusuf Alloh along with this “charity” will be sent to the Israeli government as well as to the British authorities. Please report them to the counter terrorism police.

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