GnasherJew’s 2022 major investigative stories and exposes about antisemitism

Also in 2022 we have held antisemites accountable and our work has been frequently mentioned in the media. The most important investigative stories and exposes about antisemitism from GnasherJew this past year are listed in no particular order in this post:

  • Milton Keynes mayoral candidate suspended from the Labour Party after we exposed his antisemitic social media posts
  • Francesca Albanese’s appointment as UN Special Rapporteur oPt was met with controversy due to her widely criticized and biased views. We investigated further into Albanese’s social media output and discovered support for Leila Khaled, a notorious terrorist, as well as antisemitism and extreme anti-Israel bias
  • Calls for Amnesty International UK to sack the country coordinator for Israel and “Palestinian Territories” Garry Ettle after we exposed his antisemitism and support for terrorism
  • An antisemite and apologist for terrorism, associate lecturer from Sheffield Hallam University Shahd Abusalama hateful social media posts exposed (she is no longer employed by the university)
  • Anne Frank Trust UK planned a workshop platforming Nasima Begum, a poet who compared Israel to Nazi Germany and wished death to “Zionist scum”. The trust retracted the workshop after we revealed her antisemitic tweets
  • British Council Arts provides financial support to hardcore antisemitic vandals. Social media posts highlighted by researchers from Gnasher Jew reveal the support of both companies for BDS
  • Farha film director and producers have all shared or made highly controversial posts, and in some cases, antisemitic social media posts
  • ‘Secret hate account’ of key Al Jazeera documentary witness. Disgraced antisemitic Barrister used as credible source by Al Jazeera
  • Leeds Uni Teaching Fellow who failed student for not blaming Israel in essay has a history of antisemitism and extreme anti Israel bias
  • Senior online producer at Al-Jazeera tweets in support of terrorists and uses Neo Nazi term for Jews
  • “The Fastest Growing Religion” charitable organisation shares extreme antisemitism and tolerates support for Hitler on social media
  • Samar Dahmash-Jarrah is the latest in our series of “blue tick” antisemites

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