Exposed Farrah Koutteineh Antisemitism

Head of Public Relations at the Palestinian Return Centre promotes antisemitic hate speech, glorifies terrorists

Farrah Koutteineh (فرح قطينة) is head of Public and Legal Relations at the London-based advocacy organisation Palestinian Return Centre (“PRC”). Koutteineh is also the chair of KEY48 (مفتاح ٤٨), a campaign group which she founded in 2017 while at Westminster Students for Palestine Society. She is associated with the “My Return” movement as well.

KEY48 designed and published the inflammatory step by step guide “How to talk to Zionists”, a pamphlet using rhetoric similar to the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses and the treatment of Jews in 1930s Germany.

We reviewed the social media pages of this KEY48 group, we uncovered various antisemitic posts and tweets containing Holocaust inversion, Nazi comparisons, denial of the historical connection of Jews to the land of Israel, and glorification of terrorists.

Additionally, Koutteineh, who is known on social media as “the Prestige Palestinian” and “Palestinian Commie”, refers to the state of Israel as “the Israeli settler colony” and to Israeli Jews as “random crackers from Europe, New York, London somehow think that they are indigenous to the Middle East, like you know, with their ‘Rudolph’ sunburn”. Additionally, Koutteineh asserts that “Zionism is a terrorist European supremacist movement”, calls for the complete dismantlement of the only Jewish state, and hopes for a 3rd and final Intifada.

"Long Live The Intifada - the third will be the last." - Farrah Koutteineh

The Palestinian Return Centre organisation appears to be banned in Israel due to its alleged Hamas affiliations. Farrah Koutteineh recently disclosed that she is a member of Sinn Féin. To us, she is a danger to British Jews.

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