Exposing Antisemites

We recognise the importance of challenging bigotry and hatred through education, but antisemites rarely change their views.  Our goal is to ensure that individuals in senior and high-profile positions feel the consequences of their hatred, by publicly exposing them.

Below are a few examples of how we have held antisemites accountable:

1/ Hugh Jaeger was asked to step back from his duties as a trustee of Bus Users UK

Hugh Jaeger was suspended from his position as Trustee and Director of Bus Users UK charitable trust after we made public his problematic views toward Jews. His appointment as a director was eventually terminated. Follow-up articles appeared in The Jewish Chronicle and Israel National News.

2/ The BBC has terminated the employment of journalist Tala Halawa

Palestinian journalist Tala Hawala who praised Hitler, was dismissed from the BBC. Following our discovery of several antisemitic tweets from her, we contacted Honest Reporting and hundreds of people complained to the BBC.

3/ Roy Smart removed as council candidate and suspended from the Labour party

Roy Smart was a candidate for the UK Labour Party in Tunbridge Wells. His offensive Facebook posts were exposed by us and we reported him to the Labour Party on charges of antisemitism and Holocaust denial. In addition to being suspended from Labour and removed as a candidate, he was also arrested for racially motivated hate speech after a dossier was submitted to the Metropolitan Police. Major national news outlets including the BBC and The Sun picked up on our exposure.

4/ Councillor Majid Dar suspended from the UK Labour party

Majid Dar, a councillor for Ancoats & Beswick in Manchester, was reported to the Labour Party’s leadership and subsequently suspended after we published screenshots of his grossly antisemitic Facebook posts, including one drawing parallels between Israeli actions and those of the Nazis. This was reported by Manchester Evening News and BuzzFeed News.

5/ Milton Keynes mayoral candidate Ansar Hussain suspended from the Labour Party

The local Labour group in Milton Keynes suspended Ansar Hussain while allegations of antisemitism are investigated after we exposed his anti-Jewish social media posts. We were mentioned in The Jewish chronicle, MKFM and United with Israel for this important exposure.

6/ Twitter’s Middle East news curator Fadah Jassem posted antisemitism and glowing praise for hate preacher Louis Farrakhan

Twitter recently announced Fadah Jassem as the MENA Editorial Curation Leader. According to Twitter, curation teams find and highlight great Tweets. We examined her tweet history after she included all the flags from the MENA area, apart from Israel, and found some extremely disturbing tweets. Our research was picked up by Fox News.

7/ The National Trust for Scotland has removed a one-sided and offensive exhibit from The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Center

In response to our public awareness efforts, the National Trust for Scotland removed an antisemitic exhibit that ignored the historical Jewish connection to Israel.

8/ Anne Frank Trust UK planned a workshop platforming antisemitic poet Nasima Begum

Anne Frank Trust UK planned a workshop platforming Nasima Begum, a poet who compared Israel to Nazi Germany and wished death to “Zionist scum”. The trust retracted the workshop after we revealed her antisemitic tweets

9/ Our extensive documentation demonstrated how widespread and serious the antisemitism problem was within the UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn

We were credited with exposing  Jew-hatred in the UK Labour Party and were instrumental to Jeremy Corbyn‘s defeat. Our research was widely considered as the key source of antisemitism allegations and in response to information that we gathered during our research into the antisemitism problem, we, and others, made submissions to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which found the UK Labour Party guilty of illegally discriminating against Jews. Following the publication of this report, Jeremy Corbyn alleged that “the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media”. His party membership and whip were suspended shortly after making this false statement.

10/ Media watchdog Ofcom launched probe into BBC coverage of antisemitic attack

During Hanukkah 2021, Jewish youths celebrating on a bus were attacked by men who performed Nazi salutes and spat at them. Harry Farley, a BBC journalist who reported about the incident alleged, apparently without basis, that “there were some racial slurs heard inside the bus.” which seemed to justify the attackers’ horrific actions.

In reviewing the audio track from the incident, our team determined that no such slurs were audible. The only words that were said were in Hebrew “tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf” – “call someone, it’s urgent”.

We challenged the journalist and escalated the problem to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This caused a large amount of media attention and an official investigation by the UK media regulator, OFCOM.

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