Jew Hatred on Oxford Street and the BBC’s Response Demonizing the Victims

A Hanukkah bus tour carrying Jewish teenagers was attacked in Oxford Street.

Moments after this video, these teens were racially abused with Nazi salutes and spat on simply for being Jewish.

These kids are celebrating Hanukkah and causing no harm to anyone. The very idea that Jews in 2021 were treated with Nazi-level abuse in London is horrifying.

The BBC made a very serious allegation that the Jewish children who were abused on Oxford Street made Islamophobic statements.

We asked the BBC journalist Harry Farley for proof and he tells us that it was 3 second in on the video of them being abused. BUT he and the BBC appear to be lying.

We extracted the audio from the video and removed the background noise. What can be clearly heard (2.5 secs in) is “Tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf” (call someone it’s urgent). We are wondering why the BBC feels the need to demonize Jews at every turn?

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