Lady Bret Crain is not lady, she is a Holocaust denier and antisemite

As of October 2020, Twitter announced that denial of the Holocaust would be banned. Let’s fast-forward to Oct 2021 and meet @ladybret Bret Crain a singer/songwriter/actress from Malibu who boasts over 25k followers on Instagram, 5k on Twitter and an IMDB profile.

There’s no denying that she is a Holocaust denier.

Lady Bret is an antisemitic conspirator who uses social media as a means of spreading poison. 

Her beliefs include: 

  •  “Jews merciless abused the Germans”
  • “Every country who lets the Jews in ends up being genocided”
  • ”Jews control the the media narrative”
  • “Jews are psychopaths & narcissists”
  •  “Jews go from country to country like nomadic predatory leeches robbing and enslaving countries”
  • “Rothschilds created Israel”
  • “Hitler, Nazis and Germans have been mercilessly blamed”
  • “Jews are leeches who have no loyalty to any country”
  • ”Hollywood is run by crypto Jews (Kazarian Converts). 
  • ”Judaism was fabricated so they could worship themselves as chosen”

As of today, 5th November 2021, Twitter has not taken action against this prolific Holocaust denier and antisemite. Do you think their platform should publish this garbage? 

Twitter must respond to Jewish activists’ complaints about Holocaust deniers freely using the platform rather than suspending their accounts and refusing to award blue ticks. 


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