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Many news media outlets relied on our social media research for their reporting, we have had hundreds of media mentions including

UN rapporteur posted support for terror ‘icon’

Now online investigators GnasherJew have uncovered further material that seems to make absurd any notion of Ms Albanese maintaining neutrality.

Unmasked: British anti-Israel activists plotting mayhem across UK

Palestine Action has drawn the “big name” support despite the inflammatory statements by a number of its leaders and key players, unearthed by internet investigation group Gnasher Jew in collaboration with the JC.

Keep calm and call someone, it’s urgent

It was GnasherJew – stalwarts in the fight against antisemitism – who first published the cleaned-up audio and identified the Hebrew cry for help. I spoke with the person who did the audio work and confirmed that they were a professional sound and video producer with studio-grade equipment and software.

Police in London Still Searching for Assailants Behind Antisemitic Attack on Hanukkah Celebration Bus

“Gnasher Jew,” a UK-based Twitter account, said that close study of a clip of the incident had revealed that BBC producers had heard the slur “dirty Muslim,” rather than what was actually uttered — a cry for help in Hebrew.

BBC Falsely Insinuates That Child Victims of Antisemitic Attack Spread ‘Anti-Muslim Slur’

When challenged, Farley claimed that the slurs were captured in the above-referenced video and pointed to a specific time code, said GnasherJew. But no such slurs are audible. A screenshot reveals that Farley also claimed the alleged slurs were “picked up by my editors not me.”

Outrage as BBC Falsely Insinuates Victims of Antisemitic Attack Spread ‘Anti-Muslim Slur’

After the GnasherJew investigation team examined the audio track from the incident, it became clear that no such slurs were audible. On Friday, the team claimed that only the Hebrew words “tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf,” — meaning “call someone, it’s urgent” — were said.

BBC demonised our children, parents of Oxford street victims say

But the GnasherJew Twitter account said on Friday that it had investigated the clip and found the phrase “Tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf” translated into English as "call someone, it's urgent" could be heard rather than a slur.

BBC doubles down on claim anti-Muslim slur was heard on bus attacked on Oxford St

The GnasherJew Twitter account claimed on Friday that it had investigated the clip and found the phrase “Tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf” could be heard rather than a slur.

Victims of bus harassment return to Oxford Street to light menorah

But the GnasherJew Twitter account said on Friday that it had investigated the clip and found the phrase “Tikra lemishehu, ze dachuf” could be heard rather than a slur.

Jewish groups demand resignation of Twitter Middle East news director after anti-Israel tweets resurface

Jassem eventually apologized for the omission, but not before GnasherJew, a UK investigative organization exposed a long history of tweets laden with anti-Semitism and bias against the Jewish State dating back to 2010.

Twitter’s new curator for Middle East news apologizes for anti-Israel tweets

Hours later, GnasherJew, a U.K. investigative outfit that was instrumental in exposing antisemitism within the Labour Party leading ultimately to the party’s split, unearthed and reposted the decade-old tweets.

Twitter’s New Mideast, North Africa News Curator Under Fire for Anti-Israel Tweets

Further digging into Jassem’s Twitter history by Gnasher Jew uncovered more anti-Israel tweets

Exposed: conspiracy posts of Unite's hard left

Allies of general secretary candidate Steve Turner defend Palestinian suicide bombers and attack Israel

Unilever Says They Have “No Intention” of Supporting BDS

Unilever rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance. Anti-Semitism has no place in any society. We have never expressed any support for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and have no intention of changing that position.

Anti-Semitism watchdog slams UK charity director for offensive posts

Director of British transportation charity denounced for tweets calling Israel "racist state" guilty of "massacres and ethnic cleansing."

Charity boss who wrote that ‘terrorists founded Israel’ is reported to watchdog

Hugh Jaeger, who sits on the board of Bus Users UK, branded Zionism ‘evil’ and compared Israel to the Nazis

BBC reporter comes under fire for tweet saying 'Hitler was right'

BBC digital reporter Tala Halawa's 2014 antisemitic tweets were unearthed recently.

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