Michael Morgan Violent Antisemitic Troll

Our team has had Michael Morgan on our radar for some time now; he has the reputation of being a persistent antisemitic social media troll.  He was a fervent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, why he was remains a mystery, as he seems to be more on the far right than the far left. 

As an easy reference to his antisemitism, we thought it would be useful to write a short blog about him for those on Twitter who know him.

Morgan runs the “ChewGnasher” Twitter account – his previous account is permanently suspended for violating Twitter rules. After our account was once again wrongfully suspended by Twitter, “ChewGnasher” sent us the following gloating email & tweet:

As you can see “ChewGnasher” was happy to see us suspended because we are apparently “lying, smearing racist thugs”. Our being called “thugs ”by him is rather astounding as he has violently threatened Jews errrm sorry Zionists… by posting that “Zionists are not Jews, Zionists are animals to be exterminated”

Morgan maintains a quite active presence on Facebook, where he posts antisemitic material from notorious antisemites, such as Brother Nathaniel.

On Twitter, he is friends with antisemites like Sally Eason (more details about Sally here, here, here, and here).  As well as a Twitter account called “Ena Sharples Curlers“, which spends a lot of time trying to undermine claims of antisemitism and telling Jews what antisemitism is. They are an odd group who appear to be utterly obsessed with Jews.

Here are a few of Michael Morgan’s greatest antisemitic “hit” tweets. It is Michael’s belief:

  • that Jews should convert to Christianity
  • that 9/11 was an act of terrorism by Israel
  • that the Holocaust is a gross exaggeration (noting that he has denied that it occurred)
  • that Jews killed Jesus

We have been stalked by Michael on Twitter for years, and our advice to you is to block the account he is tweeting from, @ChewGnasher and all the other antisemites that use the #ItWasAScam hashtag, to deny that antisemitism exists.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us by contributing what you can to give us the ability to continue exposing antisemitism.

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