Milton Keynes mayoral candidate Ansar Hussain

Milton Keynes mayoral candidate suspended from the Labour Party after we exposed his antisemitic social media posts

The local Labour group has suspended Ansar Hussain while the allegations are investigated.

Ansar Hussain was elected to represent Wolverton ward in 2021. Previously, he served as Wolverton’s mayor. He was apparently due to be the new deputy mayor of Milton Keynes

We worked with The Jewish Chronicle to expose his hateful posts and ‘groundless claims and conspiracy theories about Israel’, which the JC shared with the Labour Party, including this highly antisemitic post which Cllr Hussain appears to have sourced from the Islamic extremists website “Mission Islam”.

In addition, Ansar believes in the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Israel somehow controls the terrorist organisation ISIS in some manner.  Someone who believes this bunkum should be nowhere near a political party, let alone an elected representative and potential Mayor.

Ansar also appears to happily misuse Holocaust imagery to advance a cause.  Co-opting such imagery trivializes and degrades the memory of the murdered millions Jews and belittle their sufferings.

We were mentioned in the Jewish chronicle, MKFM and United with Israel for this important exposure.  We continue to work to hold antisemites accountable for their actions, if you like what we do please consider donating to help us do more.

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