Mohammed Tasnime Akunjee

Background Information

Mohammed Tasnime Akunjee, is a criminal defence solicitor and a consultant at Waterfords Group. Free public information from Companies House show that Akunjee also holds a position with AK Legal, Sapien Systems Research, and Quick Legal.

Akunjee is a celebrated lawyer best known for representing ‘ISIS bride’ Shamima Begum’s family. Unfortunately, it also appears that he is an unrepentant antisemite.

Justifying October 7 Attacks

In a post on X from October 07, 2023, solicitor Mohammed Tasnime Akunjee seems to gleefully justify Hamas’ carnage.

Denying Hamas Responsibility for the Massacre

In subsequent posts that he shared on his X timeline, he appears to attempt cast doubt on the atrocities Hamas committed by sharing widely debunked claims and conspiracies which assert that Israel is responsible for most of October 7 victims.

Sharing Antisemitic Posts

Akunjee shares posts that appear to deny the connection of Jews to the land of Israel and also demonise the Jewish state.

In September 2022, speaking at a Twitter Spaces event titled “#LabourFiles #ItWasAScam #Antisemitism,” Akunjee seems to make the antisemitic comment “everyone else is lying for their own shekels,” and insinuate that Israel controls UK politicians.

Previously, Akunjee also used the “Zio” slur popular with Neo Nazis and shared Holocaust denier Nick Griffin’s – a white supremacist and former leader of the far-right British National Party (BNP), claim that Jews offered him money to target Muslims.

He recently posted alleging that “certain foreign Israel paid shills were intent on artificially fomenting violence between communities in the UK.”

We understand that there have been complaints about Akunjee in the past, including criticism of inappropriate conduct and allegations of antisemitism. We have been monitoring his social media output for a long time and we believe that we have found numerous posts that breach the IHRA definition of antisemitism. We also believe that his behaviour online contravenes the rules of professional conduct that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) gives on social media use.

The allegations laid out in this post were put to Mohammed Tasnime Akunjee in writing, but no response has been forthcoming.

We encourage our supporters to complain about his conduct online to the SRA.

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