North Carolina Citizens For Constitutional Rights shares antisemitic canards and conspiracy theories

North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights (NCC4CR) advocates for the preservation of the constitutional rights of citizens in North Carolina. NCC4CR also shares incendiary false allegations against Jews and centuries-old extreme antisemitism on social media.

North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights is an active registered company. The founder; Lynn Allen Hoosier, a retired law enforcement officer and company owner, who manages their Facebook page.

Hoosier is also the admin of related private NCC4CR Facebook group with 1.1K members & a public group; The Patriot Wagon-USA, with 3.0K members.

It is exceptionally concerning that anti-Jewish propaganda is being pushed on social media by NCC4CR, an organisation with a platform and power to influence others.

On 19 July 2022, NCC4CR shared several posts linking to videos containing incitement to hatred of Jewish people.

On 25 July 2022, NCC4CR shared a video on its Telegram Channel “Coincidence they are all Jews with the “authority” for genocide in the name of “public safety?” falsely alleging that Jews are behind the COVID “scamdemic”. 

These abhorrent videos promote antisemitic stereotypes that depict the Jews as malicious, harmful and exploitative people.

We discovered other posts on NCC4CR and Hoosier’s Facebook pages promoting extremely vile antisemitic conspiracies and stirring up hatred, including posts

  • claiming Zionist/ Satanist takeover of America
  • suggesting that the Zionist objective is one of ruling all the world

On Hoosier’s personal Facebook page, we found that he also shared other antisemitic tropes.

Hoosier seems keen on sharing fake news to incite against Jews; “the blood sacrifice for McDonald’s” appears to have been sourced from a satirical blog.

Rabbi Abe Finkelsteinen was referred to as the source of the information, but no information could be found about him. However, the photo used in the YouTube video does not belong to Rabbi, but to American lawyer Kenneth Feinberg. The post also makes use of other photo manipulation techniques.

Please report the pages and groups to Facebook and report NCC4CR/Hoosier to the relevant authorities in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us by contributing what you can, to give us the ability to continue exposing antisemitism.