Palestinian American writer Susan Abulhawa is using the catastrophe in Ukraine to abuse innocent civilians and attack Israel and Jews

Susan Abulhawa is a “human rights activist”, unless you are Ukrainian, then according to Susan you deserve “no sympathy”.

Millions of refugees are currently fleeing Ukraine.  There will be thousands Jewish refugees taken in by Israel but “nice caring Palestinian Human Rights activists” like Susan are making them out to be colonial invaders.

Even though Susan’s friends warned her that her racist remarks are offensive, she continues to spread her utterly offensive antisemitism. She even appears to be proud of it!

The comparison that Jews are Nazis is not only offensive, but also a lazy comparison intended to hurt.

According to Susan, Jews are “narcissistic” and tell themselves and the world “fairytales”. Susan knows sterotyping like this is extremely antisemitic and disgusting. 

Like many others, she conceals her racism behind a badge of “human rights activism” and has convinced herself of her righteousness.

Susan twists history to suit her antisemitic views. 

The historical hoax of Zionists working with Nazis was fabricated by a wacked out junkie and spread by Ken Livingstone.

Suasan’s views about the war in Ukraine and how she exploits Ukrainian suffering to draw attention to the Palestinian cause are horrifying.

Like many Palestinian activists, she seems jealous of the attention Ukraine is rightfully receiving

This is one of the most disgusting tweets we’ve seen in a long time.  Susan doesn’t care about human rights any more than Putin. She is a racist with no sense of compassion for others.

We strongly believe that if you have access to edit her Wiki entry, her antisemitism should be reflected in the entry.

When we exposed Susan’s obvious antisemitism she went on a bizarre rant, backed up by convicted criminals  like Stanley Cohen and antisemites like Alison Weir.  We were accused of ordering a “digital hit” on her, and that we were “zionists who robbed, raped, and decimated her family”!!

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