Palestinian charity operated by UK Government Official promoting terrorism and antisemitism (update)

The Palestinian Refugee Project (PRP) has been in existence for a number of years. This group has recently been incorporated as a charitable organization in the United Kingdom (Charity number: 1196457).

In their social media feeds, this charity promotes terror, glorifies terrorists, denies Israel’s right to exist, and promotes racism and antisemitism.

Terror Glorification and Support

Denying Israel's Right to Exist

Antisemitism, Racism, and Holocaust Inversion

Richard Layton and Taghrid Al-mawed Layton run PRP. Richard is an Executive Officer in the U.K. Civil Service, working as a coach for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in Wales. Previously, he ran for Labour in the Llanbadarn Fawr by-election.

According to information on the Charity Commission website, the PRP is based in the Uk for fundraising, but operates in Lebanon. The purpose of raising funds for “Gazan families” may not be aligned with their stated goals, especially if they use antisemitic hashtags like #GazaHolocaust.

You are encouraged to file a complaint with the Charity Commission about their disgusting promotion of terrorism and antisemitism.

Update (23/12/2023): Campaign of harassments and intimidation

It appears that since we published this exposé, the Charity Commission has contacted this charity. Thank you to everyone who reported them.

Since then, the Palestinian Refugee Project has been harassing us regularly, asking their followers to report us to X, and posting false and defamatory accusations. All of these social media posts will be forwarded to the Charity Commission and to Richard Layton’s employer.

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