Project Nemesis names Jews, Jewish groups, and “Zionists” to target

Project Nemesis is a Website and associated social media accounts that target Jewish individuals and groups, which it believes are “Zionists”. The targets include not only Jews, but also Muslims and Christians who Project Nemesis believes are supportive of Israel.  There is an extensive list of people that Project Nemesis considers undesirable. Making lists of Jews and our supporters is reminiscent of Nazi behavior.

The disclaimer on their Website says it all.

Project Nemesis also promotes extreme antisemitism on their (now suspended) Twitter account and on Telegram.

After conducting Website forensic analysis and an OSINT  investigation, unfortunately we did not find any personally identifiable information from the Website / WHOIS or DNS records, we downloaded images and videos from their Website that contained Metadata. It appears that the group is well funded and may make use of Iranian resources.

Our team also extracted images from various videos of the people believed to be behind Project Nemesis, which will be geolocated and also analysed using facial recognition software.

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