Prominent German filmmaker using “anonymous” Twitter account to spread vile antisemitic views

Originally from the USA, Jan Ralske is a well-known filmmaker and media artist. Graduated at the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) in 1996; Ralske lives and works in Germany. In 1998, he won the German Film Journalists’ Award for best feature film of the year for Not a Love Song. He served as European filmmaker-in-residence at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles from 2000 to 2003 and taught at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles as a visiting professor. Ralske was also a long time film editor for Harun Farocki and a guest artist and scholarship holder during 2017-1018 at Tarabya Cultural Academy; an institution of the German Federal Government. He was also working as a lecturer at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Vienna and appears to have also produced films for ZDF and Arte televisions.

Ralske also runs an “anonymous” Twitter account filled with blatant antisemitism, and he is not shy about sharing his antisemitic views. Whilst repeatedly comparing Jews to Nazis, he uses the White Supremacist term “ZioNazi”.

In the next screenshots, Ralske uses the iconography of the mediaeval blood libel. Generally, blood libel refers to the false allegation that Jews use the blood of non-Jews for ritual purposes, usually Christian children. Blood libel imagery was frequently used by Julius Steicher’s newspaper Der Stürmer in its antisemitic propaganda by the Nazis to demonize Jews.  In his tweets, Jan Ralske repeats this.

The screenshots below show Ralske’s obsession with comparing Jews in Israel to Nazis. For Jews, this accusation is meant to trigger painful memories and is easy to refute. Two features of Nazism stood out: military expansionism and racism/bigotry that led to the coldblooded murder of six million Jews and ten million non-combatants. It is important to note, however, that Israel does not engage in any racist activities and even less in genocide. Throughout Israel’s history, wars have been fought in self-defense against attacks from military forces and terrorists.

In addition, Ralske seems to be something of a conspiracy theorist, claiming that the White House is somehow being controlled by Israel.

Ralske also shares antisemitic propaganda and fake news, Ben Gurion never said this, what he actually said was quite the opposite “We do not want to and we do not have to expel Arabs and take their place.” The meme featuring Einstein is fake, the meme featuring Mandela is a partial and manipulated quote. Malcolm X views of Jews were unfortunately developed by his membership of the Nation of Islam, an antisemitic organisation. Gandhi had little to no knowledge of Judaism, he opposed the formation of a Jewish national home in Mandatory Palestine and was accommodative of Arab violence while demanding Jewish non-violence even against the Nazis.

We believe that Jan Ralske is a danger to Jews in Germany and should be investigated by the German authorities for Holocaust distortion, Holocaust inversion and inciting racial hatred.  Please report him for hate speech to Berlin Police.

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