Antisemitism and support for terrorism from Amnesty UK Senior Official

Garry Ettle is Amnesty International UK (AIUK) Country Coordinator for Israel and “Palestinian Territories”. Unfortunately, he is a gross antisemite who spreads offensive anti-Jewish propaganda via his various social media accounts.

Ettle uses the Holocaust as a political tool, disgustingly comparing the Israel-Palestine conflict and the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust. It is a lazy comparison designed to hurt Jews worldwide, even if they have little connection to Israel, and is mainly intended to evoke painful memories for Jews. In no way does Israel engage in racist activity, nor does it engage in genocide.

In addition, Ettle draws comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. This is an utterly vile display of antisemitism; absolutely no comparison can be made between contemporary Israeli policies and security requirements to Nazi Germany

Also, Ettle appears to believe that Israel has no right to exist. In his Facebook posts and reposts, he repeatedly refers to Israel as “historic Palestine” suggesting that all of Israel is occupied land. This is, of course, a misleading fictional claim. Ettle also liked a comment saying “Israel is a strange project belongs to no place in the region. Strangers have no loyalty. They pass and disappear [SIC].”

Every nation on Earth has the right to exist, including the Jewish state. Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel; despite being repeatedly massacred and forced to flee, there has always been a continuous Jewish presence in that land. If Jews can’t be independent on that land, nobody should be independent anywhere. Antisemitism is the only explanation for refusing the Jewish people’s right to self-determination.

A regular feature of Ettle ‘s Internet presence is sharing antisemitic conspiracy theories and fake news. Even though the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in the UK sent the Labour Party a Notice of Illegal Act for Discrimination against Jews, he says that the Labour Party did not have a problem with antisemitism.

In addition, Ettle uses the “Livingstone Formulation,” a form of antisemitism that states that Jews are making false accusations of antisemitism to smear their opponents or to defend Israel. The equalities human rights commission, during its investigation of the Labour Party, found this type of antisemitism to be very prevalent and something that contributed to their breaking  discrimination laws.

Disturbingly, Ettle also supports terrorists. On Palestinian Prisoners Day in 2020, he shared a video in solidarity with Palestinian “political prisoners”. We reviewed the video and found that one of those featured prisoners had slaughtered six Jewish students, while a couple of the other prisoners had murdered the Israeli tourism minister, Rehavam Ze’evi, in 2001.

Amnesty International and Amnesty UK have lost all credibility, and we call on the Equalities Human Rights Commission to investigate them for discrimination against Jews due to their continued employment of individuals like Garry Ettle.


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