Ronan Preastuin (Preston)

Ronan Preastuin (Preston)

Key Stage 4 Coordinator | Year 9 tutor | Ursuline High School, London

Background information

Ronan Preastuin (Preston) is a Religious Education Key Stage 4 Coordinator & Year 9 Tutor at Ursuline High School in Wimbledon, London.

On X we shared information about Ronan Preastuin’s antisemitism and support for terrorism. On his account, which has since been deactivated, he justified the October 7 massacre, praised Hamas, and repeatedly expressed support for this terrorist organisation.

Hamas is proscribed terrorist organisation, and expressing support for this is an illegal act, punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Ronan Preastuin (Preston) is a clear danger to children. We encourage you to report him to Counter Terrorism Policing.

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