Senior online producer at Al-Jazeera tweets in support of terrorists and uses Neo Nazi term for Jews

Linah Alsaafin is a Senior Online Producer at Al Jazeera English. Linah appears to have made disgusting antisemitic tweets on a number of occasions and used the slur “Zio” for Jewish people.

Linah also tweeted that Israel and the Jewish state should move to Mars and  that she was certain that aliens can cope with Jews better than this world.

The tone of such discourse is not what we would expect from a representative of a global news organisation.

She appears to be be a supporter of terrorism as well. In 2014, the Hamas TV channel had a countdown to 9 pm when they promised a new rocket attack on Tel Aviv.

Linah stated that she is “gleefully anticipating the countdown to 9pm” –  Gleefully waiting for the murder of civilians!

Linah compares Jews to Nazis, one of the most heinous and insulting things you can say to a Jew. It is a lazy, antisemitic, comparison that is only designed to hurt.

Additionally, she uses Christian antisemitic tropes, “G-d’s chosen assholes” is a reference to religious beliefs that was used in medieval times.

Linah  also weighed in on the UK Labour Party Antisemitism crisis suggesting that it was manufactured by the “Israel Lobby”.

She sounds like an antisemitic conspiracy theorist to us.

It also seems that Linah does not recognise the Israeli State and advocates for her destruction.

From the river to the seaPalestine will be free” is a call for the total destruction of Israel, this slogan was developed by the PLO.

In another tweet, this Al-Jazeera journalist appearing to support a terrorist and again compared Jews to Nazis.

Mohammed Deif, born Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri, is supreme military commander of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. A terrorist!

Recently, following an external investigation, Deutsche Welle dismissed 7 journalists for posting antisemitic remarks on social media and for writing antisemitic articles for other publications.  Linah stated in an article that she wrote for Al-Jazeera that these journalists are “scapegoats”!

In our view, Linah is a raging antisemite who deserves no platform to spew her antisemitism but, despite her known history of antisemitic views and support for terrorism, Al-Jazeera continue to employ her and even allowing her to write articles about antisemitism.

Linah Alsaafin  should not be near any media outlet, would you please complain about her and Al-Jazeera to the appropriate authorities?


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