Senior University Instructor shares antisemitism and harasses Jews on social media

Siamak Alimi, a Senior IT Instructor in the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE) at the University of West of England (UWE), has a long history of publishing antisemitic material, and spreading false information on social media, equating Zionism with Nazism and racism.

Mr. Alimi, who is of Iranian descent also participated in the pro-Hamas Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza in December 2009. At the time, he was secretary of the Bristol Gaza Link Association, but apparently led the Turkish delegation.

Alimi’s name appears on page 258-9 of the “The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 – 2019” AKA the “leaked Labour report”, which sought to whitewash the antisemitism problem within the British Labour Party and absolve Jeremy Corbyn of any blame. This report mentions him for using the antisemitic terms “Zio” and the “Zio lobby”, which are often used by white supremacists.

The screenshots below show Mr. Siamak Alimi attacking Dr. David Hirsh for explaining an antisemitic trope in a tweet. Dr. Hirsh is one of the world’s foremost experts on Left Wing Antisemitism. In a disgusting comparison that is always antisemitic, he calls him an “apologist for murder of children”, and a “racist”.

Mr. Alimi denies Jews the right to self determination and frequently attacks Jews with the antisemitic Nazi slur, as you can see from the images below. The fact that he spends so much time and energy on Jews and Israel is another indication that he is an obsessive antisemite.

Examples of hateful tweets and posts shared by Mr. Alimi that breach the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism:

The Internet hoax below purportedly from the New York Times is a highly antisemitic instance of fake news Mr. Alimi shares on social media.

In our view, Mr. Siamak Alimi should not be working in an academic institution and be nowhere near students. We will be writing to UWE to complain about his conduct online.

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