Sisters, a doctor and a lawyer, who own a medical clinic exposed for antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and supporting Hitler

Yasmin Ali, a UK national of Pakistani-Kashmiri descent, is a SRA-regulated non-practicing solicitor and co-owner and director of Blue Medic Consultancy, a medical clinic specializing in neurology, run by her sister, Dr. Rehiana Ali.

Their professional dedication is overshadowed by a controversy involving Yasmin’s social media activities.

On March 16, 2022, the death of their brother, Farooq Ali, in Islamabad under mysterious circumstances led Yasmin and Rehiana to campaign for “Justice for Farooq Ali,” suspecting foul play in his demise.

Sisters Yasmin and Rehiana Ali

Image: Justice for Farooq Ali campaign

Despite their focus on their brother’s case, Yasmin Ali’s social media presence has attracted significant attention for other reasons.

Investigations into Yasmin’s posts revealed content endorsing Holocaust denial, support for Adolf Hitler (Yimakh shemo), and expressions of extreme antisemitism, including support for a banned terrorist organisation. These posts were found both on her personal timeline and on the shared campaign page dedicated to her brother.

On the “Justice4Farooq” account, they shared content related to ‘The International Jew,’ a set of antisemitic booklets similar to the notorious antisemitic texts ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ purporting a global Jewish conspiracy.

Holocaust Denial and Support for Hitler

Additionally, a screenshot from her “PrincessYas74” account paraphrases a quote from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf,’ implying an inextricable Jewish connection to Palestine, twisted to serve an antisemitic narrative.

Extreme Antisemitism & Incitement to Hatred

Moreover, Yasmin propagated myths of Jewish control and power and the antisemitic lie that Jews have been expelled from 109 countries, aligning with narratives pushed by hate groups such as the “Goyim Defense League.”

Support for Hamas & Denial of October 7th Massacre

She also expressed support for Hamas and denied the reality of the October 7th massacre, framing it within a conspiracy of ‘Zionist wars OF terror’ potentially linked to her brother’s death.

Please report Yasmin and Rehiana Ali for hate speech to West Yorkshire police and Counter Terrorism Policing.

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