‘Social Housing Manager’ James Merritt spreads horrific antisemitism online

James Merritt works as a  Support Services Manager at Southern Housing Group (SHG), looking after elderly residents. Merritt also allegedly served as Henley Constituency Chair and a Labour Party councillor in Benson.

Additionally, James Merritt seems to be obsessed with Jews in a disturbing way.

Merritt spouts the modern blood libel on X (formerly Twitter), an antisemitic trope that has developed over the years but remains fundamentally the same; Jews kill children for an evil purpose as a result of fanatic religious fervor. Additionally, he also propagates a number of antisemitic stereotypes and myths about Jewish dominance and control over the world, which are truly horrifying.

Merritt trivializes the Holocaust, and equates Zionism (the right of Jewish people to live in their ancestral home) with racism and Israelis with the Nazis.

This is of course a lazy comparison intended to both diminish the impact of the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews, and demonise the Jewish people.

One of the most disturbing aspect about Merritt’s hateful messages on his social media profile is that he seems desperate to find a “solution” to the “Jewish problem.” In fact, these exact words were used by the Nazis to refer to the Jews.

In our opinion, James Merritt is a potential threat to the Jewish community in the United Kingdom. In addition to reporting James Merritt to his employer, we will be contacting the police to report him for hate speech.

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