Solicitor Cheryl Gaunt

Background Information

Cheryl Gaunt is a solicitor at Coram Children’s Legal Centre – a UK registered charity. According to information on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) website, Cheryl also is an in-house solicitor at Brent Community Law Centre.

On social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Cheryl Gaunt spreads vile antisemitism and far-right conspiracies.

Nazi Comparisons and Holocaust Inversion

Cheryl equates Israeli Jews to the Nazis and draws parallels between the situation in Gaza and Israel’s war on the terrorist organisation Hamas and the Holocaust. This immoral, highly antisemitic, false comparison is designed to hurt the Jewish people.

Antisemitic Conspiracies

Cheryl also shared highly antisemitic video containing segments of Holocaust inversion and a number of long debunked antisemitic conspiracies, including the “Greater Israel” allegation and “pedophilia” and “organ harvesting” accusations.

Please complain about Cheryl Gaunt’s conduct to her employer, Coram Children’s Legal Centre, and also report her to the SRA.

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