Georgina Coroneos

Georgina (Gina) Coroneos

Solicitor & Company Director | Frankfurt am Main

Background information

Georgina (Gina) Coroneos, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulated solicitor. The SRA reports that Gina works for international law firm White & Case, but her name doen’t come up in search against the Law Firm’s “People” database. Gina Coroneos is also listed as Authorized Executive Director of HEOS Finance GmbH.

On X and LinkedIn Gina promotes messages that deny Jewish indigenous status in Israel, and oppose Jewish self-determination in our ancestral homeland. Her timeline is also littered with antisemitic messages that

  • misuse Holocaust imagery to advance a political agenda,
  • draw parallels with the Holocaust, and
  • deny Hamas’ October 7 massacre.

We believe that Georgina Coroneos’ online activity is inappropriate and contravenes the rules of professional conduct that the SRA gives on social media use. We encourage you to report her to the SRA.

Denying the Right of Jews to Self-determination


Justifying Hamas' October 7 attack

Erasing Hamas' October 7 Atrocious Crimes

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