Solicitor Mohammed Sarfraz

Solicitor investigated for antisemitic hate speech

Mohammed Sarfraz is an SRA-regulated solicitor. He was admitted as a solicitor on 01 February 2008 and his latest annual practising certificate was issued on 01 November 2022. Sarfraz is a partner and director at Cartwright Solicitors Limited.

On his Twitter account, which has now been suspended, and on his Facebook profile page, solicitor Sarfraz trivialised the Holocaust, shared antisemitic conspiracies, trolled mainly high-profile Jewish people and organisations, and sent many hateful and extremely unpleasant messages that, we believe, breach both the guidance that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) gives on social media use and the IHRA working definition of antisemitism. Here are a few examples:

Jews killed Jesus accusation

The notion that the Jews as a people collectively murdered Jesus has been used as justification for violence against Jews for centuries is unfounded. This is an ugly antisemitic myth.

Holocaust denial, distortion and trivialisation is an extremist white supremacist neo-Nazi Website. Sylvia Stolz is a German neo-Nazi, convicted Holocaust denier and former lawyer.

Dual loyalty accusation

Accusing Jews of being a disloyal citizen whose true allegiance is to Israel or a hidden Jewish agenda.

Contemporary antisemitic conspiracies / tropes / blood libel fuels Israel hate and publishes antisemitic conspiracies. This article was written by Stuart Littlewood who once wrote “Many will feel it is intolerable for a Christian country like Britain to be represented by a Jew”.

A serious complaint concerning Mohammed Sarfraz’s (mis)conduct on social media was sent to the SRA. We have recently been informed that an investigation into this matter has been opened.

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