Solicitor Warren Michael Stapley

Warren Michael Stapley

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategist | Qualified solicitor

Background Information

Warren Stapley is SRA-regulated solicitor. He currently holds directorship positions at Freehold LGBT CIC and Disability Action In Islington – a registered charitable organisation.

On his LinkedIn page, Warren shares posts, video messages, and fake news that deliberately seek to incite against Israeli Jews and demonise Israel.

We believe that Warren Michael Stapley breaches the guidance that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) gives on social media use. We urge our supporters to complain about his conduct online to the SRA.

Demonisation of Israel and Israeli Jews

  1. The video is an edited segment from a June 2016 investigative report for Israel’s N12 News. The translation from Hebrew to English appears to be inaccurate and misleading: The question was “what happens when you meet an Arab kid, what do you feel?” To which one Jewish kid answered: “that he wants to murder me” 
  2. This is a video footage from 2008 showing U.S. Marines throwing a puppy over a cliff while on patrol in Iraq
  3. This video clip, which has been circulating online since February 2022, is allegedly of a Syrian child forced to eat grass to survive
  4. False accusation. “Israel facilitates the entry of humanitarian aid, including medicines and medical supplies on a large scale, without limitation.” Insulin Pens are not on the list of “dual-use” items – a list of items that can potentially be used for military purposes

Delegitimisation of Israel

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