Stokey Kids Company connected to BLM UK co-founder Christina Jordean making antisemitic posts on X

London-based Christina Jordean, an ex-Magistrate, is the founder of Stokey Kids Company and co-founder of Black Lives Matter UK. Earlier this month, we posted a video on X featuring several individuals in the UK who expressed support for Hamas and their October 7 massacre of innocent civilians. All of these individuals have been reported to Counter Terrorism Policing, but, to our knowledge, no action has been taken. This particular post attracted several accounts associated with Black Lives Matter UK, who targeted us with antisemitic abuse. One of these accounts is Stokey Kids.


Further review of Stokey Kids’ activity on X revealed that this account has been sharing fake quotes, misinformation, and antisemitic messages, inciting hostility towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Christina Jordean is also the founder and creator of Funded By Parents, a fundraising platform for parents to invest in children, young people, and community projects. We discovered similar antisemitic posts on their X timeline too.

Short story about a tiktok prankster

Additionally, last year, it was revealed that Christina Jordean’s son, Harlè, was unmasked as the sidekick of TikTok racist ‘prankster’ Mizzy.

update 29 June

After we exposed the Stokey Kids account, it has continued to harass us, and is now openly supporting terrorism.

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