Swedish artist Christin Ohlin litters social media with Holocaust denial and hardcore antisemitic posts

Christine Ohlin is a fairly well-known artist who has exhibited at the International Cannes Art Biennale and Art Basel.

We have encountered many antisemites over the years, but Swedish Christine is one of the most virulent.

She posts regularly on VKontakte, a Russian social media platform, and almost 17,000 of her posts have gone unmoderated. Similarly, she has not had her antisemitic Facebook posts removed. 

She frequently posts support for the Palestinian cause and is a supporter of the Pro Palestinian movement. 

In our opinion, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to display Christine’s art publicly, in fact, we believe Christine should be in a courtroom for inciting racial hatred.

Christin Ohlin will be reported to the relevant authorities for hate speech and Holocaust denial.

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