“The Fastest Growing Religion” Charitable Organisation Shares Extreme Antisemitism and Tolerates Support for Hitler on Social Media

The Fastest Growing Religion (TFGR) is a non-profit Da’wah organisation that is affiliated with Ask a Muslim, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  TFGR shares extreme antisemitism to their +476K followers on Facebook.  The Ask a Muslim Website is/was registered to Dr. Marwan Mohammad; he is also the president and founder of this organisation.

TFGR and Ask A Muslim help people learn about Islam; their mission is to “invite people to Islam through accessible media and eliminate misconceptions about Islam.” It also provides support and education for new Muslims.

It is exceptionally concerning that antisemitic propaganda is being spread on social media by TFGR, an organisation with a very large following and the power to influence others.

On 28 May 2021, TFGR shared a post about Jewish refugees escaping from the Holocaust with the comment “A person who don’t hate the Jews is definitely a person who don’t know them.”

This is absolutely abhorrent antisemitism, and we ask that you report this post to Facebook.

On 3 January 2022, TFGR shared a video “Islam came to save us from debt slavery”  which gained 267K views & 9.1K likes.

This video promotes antisemitic stereotypes that depict the Jews as greedy, money-hungry, and exploitative. The video also implies that Jews are malicious and harmful people, since they were expelled from so many countries and associates Jews with debt slavery. We find it troubling that TFGR is asking for donations in response to this video.

There seems to be a recurrent theme of rewriting history, implying that Jews aren’t indigenous to the land of Israel, asserting that Palestinians are paying for the Holocaust and that they welcomed the Jews in Palestine after WWII. Rather, they blocked Jewish migration and murdered Jews because of extreme  antisemitism.

On 5 August 2021, TFGR shared a video titled #palestinewillbefree which alleges that European Jewish refugees stole Palestine.  It gained 617K views & 29K likes.

TFGR also seems to enjoy sharing fake news to encourage violence. 

TFGR shared a post on 17 May 2021 that claimed the children in the picture were Palestinians.  Actually, those children were Syrian children from Aleppo.

A post on 20 April 2022 claimed this soldier was fleeing a Palestinian man without providing any context.  What TFGR doesn’t tell you is that this is a Palestinian dressed as a journalist and on October 16, 2015 he stabbed an Israeli soldier near Hebron during the knife intifada.

TFGR made what seems to be a religiously motivated post on 17 April 2022 promoting the “Al Aqsa in danger” propaganda.  Posts like this appear to have only one objective: turning the conflict with Israel into a religious war.

On 22 May 2021, TFGR shared a TruNews/Rick Wiles video titled “#Palestine in the old testament.. We request all our beloved #christians around the world who support the so called Is-rael to watch this video” which gained 21k views & 1.2k likes.

Rick Wiles is an extreme antisemitic conspiracy theorist.

If you listen in at 03:52, you can clearly hear: “Following the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik revolution in Russia where the Jewish Bolsheviks went in and slaughtered the Romanov families in a satanic ritual, imposed communism on Russia, killed 100s of thousands literally millions, millions of Christians hundreds of thousands of Christian orthodox Pastors, and burned our churches… just a horrible attack on the Russian church in 1917 and afterwards. Then they began to infiltrate Palestine in the 1920s and 1930s.”

TFGR posted yet another injured Syrian child on 16 May 2021, insinuating they were Palestinian and killed by Israel.  As you can see from the unmoderated comments, TFGR allows threats of extreme violence against Jews and support for Adolph Hitler on their Facebook page.

It is absolutely astonishing that TFGR is allowed non profit status in Ohio.  They are indoctrinating possible converts to Islam and Mulsims with extreme antisemitism, sometimes violent and giving uncritical airspace to Nazis.

Please report the page to Facebook and report them to the FBI, Ohio police, and to the Internal Revenue Service to get their non for profit status removed.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us by contributing what you can, to give us the ability to continue exposing antisemitism.