Tweet from Twitter ‘trustworthy account’ says “Israel caused a global fertiliser shortage for world dominance”

Pakistani Islamist, columnist, conspiracy theorist, and political commentator Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid @ZaidZamanHamid, known as Zaid Hamid, is also an apparent supporter of jihad. He was included in the Muslim 500’s yearly list of most influential Muslims around the world.

In spite of his horrendous antisemitism, he has been verified by Twitter and has over 340k followers. 

It appears that Zaid Hamid is a Jihadi, calling on Muslim armies to liberate the “Muslim land of Palestine”.  He claims to have fought in the Soviet-Afghan War and seems to oppose democracy in Pakistan. He has advocated Islamic Government in Pakistan.

Despite this and the display of antisemitism on his page, Twitter has honored him with a blue check mark, reserved for accounts deemed trustworthy. 

Zaid Hamid also spreads fabricated news about Jews and Israel. This post was from a street theatre in Bahrain in 2009. 

The second photo is so far from the truth that it’s funny that someone who claims to be a journalist and is/was the host of TV shows on geo-politics, Islamic philosophy, and Muslim history believes this.

Twitter’s failure to tackle hate speech must have consequences.

Social Media posts such as these have no place, let alone when they are posted by an account that Twitter claims is trustworthy.

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